What is Gracefilled Box?

A Gracefilled Box is a no-cost care package for a mother that has experienced an incredible loss of a child through miscarriage or stillborn birth. Each box is especially designed to bring hope and comfort to a mother who is grieving, with the intention to show expression that she is not alone and is thought of. The heartbeat behind Gracefilled is to express love, sympathy and support in tangible ways. Each Gracefilled Box is prepared with hand selected gifts that will bring encouragement and hope when it is needed most. Gracefilled is a way to champion around mothers in the midst of tragic loss and pain and support their needs in small ways that can make a difference.

Each box will vary but here are some items we plan to include:

Gracelaced Book/Devotional 

Gracelaced Seasons Journal 




Lip Care Product 

Bath/Soap Product 

Garden Scissors 

Flower Seeds

Personal Note